Buying A House, Simplified

  1. Reserve Your Home Site
    After you have chosen your preferred home site and floor plan, your Community Sales Manager will complete a Reservation Form with you.
  2. Meet With The Mortgage Lender
    Since you must be credit approved within 7 days after signing your Reservation, it is imperative that you make a formal loan application with our preferred loan officer within 3 days of Lot Reservation.
  3. Congratulations! You Are Credit Approved
    Your Community Sales Manager will schedule a time with you to write the Contract of Purchase Agreement.
  4. Visit Blue Mountain Communities for Pre-starts
    You will now visit the Blue Mountain Communities Sales Center and choose your “Builder Options.”
  5. Visit the Design Center for Final Selections
    Next, you are now ready for your Design Center appointment. You will be invited to the Blue Mountain Communities Design Center. The Community Sales Manager will assist in setting an appointment at the Blue Mountain Communities Design Center.
  6. Writing the Final Purchase Price Addendum
    With your loan approved and your Design Center selections finalized, it is time to meet with the Community Sales Manager to complete your Final Purchase Price Addendum.
  7. The Construction of Your Home
    Now the fun begins. Now your dream begins the process of being your new home! It is important to remember this is a construction zone and it can be quite dangerous. While we share your excitement, we must adhere to City / County health and safety codes as well as the requirements of our insurance carriers. Seeing inside your home is also now possible:
    Frame Walk: 45-60 days prior to COE
    You will have an opportunity to walk the home with the superintendent prior to drywall going up, ask any questions about what is inside the walls, and review options selections to verify placement and inclusion. While this is not a required step, it is highly encouraged.
    Touch Up Walk: 10-15 days prior to COE
    With a roll of blue tape in hand, walk the nearly finished home with the superintendent, marking any areas of concern. Again, not required, but strongly encouraged.
  8. Home Owner Orientation
    Approximately 30 days prior to the completion of your new home, your Community Sales Manager will provide an “ESTIMATED” completion date. Two weeks prior to your Home Owner Orientation Appointment your Community Sales Manager will contact you to confirm your appointment. A Blue Mountain Communities Customer Service Representative will meet you at your new home for the Orientation. The Orientation appointment will give Blue Mountain Communities the opportunity to introduce you to all of the exciting features in your new home.
  9. Title Company and Closing Escrow
    The week prior to close of escrow, a North American Title Company escrow officer will be contacting you to set an appointment to sign your loan documents. Your escrow officer will also be advising you of the final monies required.The Recordation/Closing of your new home should occur approximately 7 days after you have completed your Orientation. After the title company, has confirmed your transaction has recorded, your Community Sales Manager will give you the keys to your new home.
  10. Enjoy Your New Blue Mountain Communities Home!
    Blue Mountain Communities is proud of its reputation for building quality homes. We are delighted you have joined our family of homeowners. On behalf of the entire Blue Mountain Communities Team, we wish you many years of happiness in your new neighborhood.


In order to help you get ready for your big day we have created a Moving Checklist.

Click on the link below to download and use it to make sure things go smoothly.

Moving Checklist

Financing Your New Home

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As a first time home buyer, the whole experience was fast and easy. The sales staff was very friendly and knowledgable. The quality of construction and the details of the interior is spectacular.